Repairs & Renovations

A safe pool is essential! We keep your swimming pool running efficiently and safely all year long.

Keep your pool Safe all year long

Repairs that we offer

The repair items we address include, but are not limited to:
Pumps and Motors
Variable Speed Energy-Efficient Pumps and Motors
Filters (D.E, sand, and cartridge)
Automation systems
Led Lights
Pool and spa heaters and heat pumps
Tile cleaning
Stain removal and repair
Skimmer repair
Main drain covers including VGBA-compliant retro fits and upgrades
In-floor cleanings systems
Automatic cleaners
Slides and diving boards
Pool finish acid washing and stain/scale removal
De-Swamps (“drain and cleans”)*

*includes: draining, debris removal, pressure washing the pools finish, acid washing, supervised fill, and fill chemical start up

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upgrade your pool and spa area


In addition to repairing essential parts on your pool, we also offer renovations to improve the life, value, and look of your pool. Our renovations include items like:

Re-marcite / Re-finishing work  
Adding or repairing tile
Adding or repairing pavers
Cool Deck Plaster and Repainting
Heaters, Lighting and Automation

Ready to renovate?

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