We are a family-oriented company who values people, as well as our communities, and we love serving you!


A properly inspected pool
is a smart move before you buy!

A Safe Pool
is Essential!

Clean Safe

All about us

CleanSafe Pools is a full-service, licensed pool company who proudly serves our raving fans and their pool needs. We are committed to helping pool owners enjoy the many benefits of their swimming pool year-round!

The reason that happy pools make happy people

Core Values

We value people and the communities we serve. These CORE VALUES drive everything we do and help us deliver great products and services that people love and appreciate!


We believe in family first! As we focus on building a strong family-oriented environment, we are happier, healthier and more fulfilled.


We believe an attitude of fun can be present in all we do, even when things get busy and there are tough challenges to overcome.


We believe gratitude changes the way we think and live, ultimately increasing our ability to succeed.


We believe honesty builds lasting trust among our team and fans.


We believe generosity is transformative and creates opportunity for helping each other succeed.

Creating Raving Fans

We believe in creating raving fans (customers) who value our people, products, and services. We communicate our gratitude to our fans by incredible experiences and interactions.

Creating a higher quality of life

We believe in creating a higher quality of life for our teams, our fans, and the world around us and this permeates into all we do.