My Pool is Green, Now What? A comprehensive series dedicated to demystifying the care, maintenance, and recovery of a green swimming pool.

My Pool is green! 

Turning your green swimming pool into a beautiful, clean, and safe swimming pool can be a daunting task. If you are not properly prepared or knowledgeable turning your pool blue can be a frustrating and expensive ordeal. I have seen it over and over again. Ultimately, this can result in your pool having more issues than what you started with. This can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars to have a swimming pool professional, like myself, come and fix it for you.

My goal is to remove all the mystery, fear, and uncertainty of turning your pool from a scary swamp back into a beautiful backyard oasis. Armed with 18 years in the industry, including 14 years owning and operating my own pool maintenance and repair business, I am ready to reveal all of my tips, tricks, and insider knowledge to you so that you can start enjoying pool ownership!

Your swimming pool is intended to add value to your life. It should be a place of stress-free enjoyment. My passion is to help that dream become a reality. Your pool should not be a green, swampy nightmare that costs thousands and thousands of dollars a year to maintain, clean, and fight.

I am here to help!

Green Pool, Now what?

Tip # 1 may seem obvious, but to many people, it’s not. So, tip #1 is: Don’t let it go green in the first place! In many parts of the country, people “winterize” their pools. This usually involves just letting their pool go and not thinking about it during the fall and winter months. Sometimes people even cover the pool.

In far northern climates, it can be a good idea to go ahead and close your poo. Where the water freezes half the year, and the pool is drained and prepared properly, this can be a must. However, just leaving your pool for the winter to its own devices is a bad, bad idea. It can destroy your pool finish or liner, causing stains, scaling, or worse. Moreover, all the harsh chemicals needed to get it back swim-ready can also cause damage, discoloration, or scaling.

To prevent your pool from turning into a green nightmare, it’s essential to maintain it regularly. This can go overlooked during the offseason! Implementing a simple maintenance routine is key. I recommend checking the pH & sanitizer levels weekly. I always suggest skimming the debris and brushing the sides of the pool be done a couple times a week. Lastly, and this is huge, is running the filter system daily! This is key in preserving the cleanliness and health of your pool. When you take proactive measures to maintain your pool year-round, you avoid the headache and expense of dealing with a green pool and ensure that it remains a source of enjoyment for you and your family for years to come.

Stay tuned for more expert tips and advice on pool maintenance and repair!