How to Throw a Great Pool Party

When’s the last time you enjoyed a great party around the pool?

With your pool as the centerpiece of attention, there are so many fun ideas for gathering people together. Everything from birthday parties to end-of-school-year celebrations to weekend sports games!

You may be thinking, but what about all the work, the food, the cleanup? This is where you have to be strategic. It’s all about the invite and how you set it up!

To help you, we’ve come up with an idea for you…

Throwing a great pool party means getting EVERYONE involved! And making it fun. You have to put some energy behind it.

First, start thinking about the friends and family you want to invite and what roles they are good at. For example, John is great at grilling, Kim loves decorating, Abi creates amazing sides, Shauna whips up delicious desserts, Ki tells funny stories, and Morgan makes great playlists!

If kids are coming, think about having them help with some of the cleanup and offering small surprises to them when they are done. Younger kids love this kind of attention and the rewards.

Next, contact each person individually and tell them how much you like whatever it is that they are good at providing. Ask them if they are willing to help at the pool party.

Once you get a solid commitment from everyone, crank out the invite, listing everyone coming and what they are bringing or contributing. Now, all the expectations are set and you can share the load across all the party goers.

It’s time to kick back and get ready for a great time with friends and family!